Lindy Vision: Jute (2017).


LINDY VISION: Jute — Lindy Vision’s fourth album is a more minimalist effort than their previous, Lindy + Vision, and the records before it. Though it may just be that the recording is clearer.

First single “Pills” starts the record with a synth pattern before going into the electronic bassline and drum machine, with voice and guitar on top. This sets the sound of the album. Most of the songs are written with one riff taken through the changes, in a manner that’s more blatantly an electronified Interpol than Lindy + Vision, particularly in the vocal melodies that are centred a third up from the root note. But there’s lots of ways to do angular post-punk.

Personal favourites: “Pills”, which has one of those riffs I could listen to for several minutes; “Division”, a catchier number; “Distractions”, whose riff drives straight to its chorus very nicely; escond single “Manic”; “Rabid”, which is more insistent; “Hands”, which adds a synth wash.

This album is a delight that measured up to my anticipations. It’s released next Saturday, 28 October, and you can preview “Pills” and “Manic” at the Bandcamp. Also, get all their other stuff.

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