Links: “Content Creators Coalition” shoots self in foot, make a film for $10,000, vinyl.


  • The “Content Creators Coalition” is otherwise known as the major record labels. They hate YouTube more than anything and want a regime where takedowns are dealt with swiftly, there’s notice-and-stay-down and Safe Harbor rules don’t exist. They put up a video about this. It got swiftly taken down because it quoted other videos. Then it went back up after human review. They then complained that the site behaving as they demanded it act was “censorship.” Well done. The article details a pile of their other sketchy and completely in-character behaviour, including when interacting directly with the author of the article, as if they couldn’t guess TechDirt would talk about all of it at length.

    n.b.: I’ve been reading the industry press talking about this, and none of them can bring themselves to admit who the “CCC” is a front group for, like the trail isn’t incredibly clumsy and obvious. But they know their brief.

  • Dangerous Minds has a great article on how to make your first feature film for $10,000. The authors admit theirs cost $14,000. But! They now know how they could have done it cheaper! The main point is: determine that you shall FINISH IT.

2 thoughts on “Links: “Content Creators Coalition” shoots self in foot, make a film for $10,000, vinyl.

  1. Interesting piece, thanks. (Content Creators Coalition)

    How is this major labels? Isn’t it a coalition of artists campaigning for the right to be paid fairly for their work, instead of so-called music fans expecting they can have it all for free by watching YouTube?

  2. Because if you read the linked piece you’ll see it’s literally the labels, and the piece goes into detail about how it’s literally the labels. It turns out things aren’t always what their title says.

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