Links: The Face, streaming liner notes, vinyl, cassettes.


  • Review of a history of The Face. I had a chance to be in the last issue of The Face, but couldn’t make the photo shoot (a pile of B-Movie goers). How annoying. (Even if The Face’s stock in trade was showing just how ugly fashion could be when it really tried.)
  • The same trash heap cassettes belong in. Dreadful things. The trouble with the return of cassettes for the hipster market: nobody makes decent magnetic tape any more. (That’s paywalled, but you can see the video. Text here, and a copy of that.) There’s maybe a year of tape left. The main cassette manfacturer in the US, National Audio, is going to start a production line just for high-quality cassette tape. Damn, and we were so close!


That coulda been me there! Possibly.

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