Links: Dick O’Dell/Y Records, DX-7 presets, Mony Mony, going algorithm-free, Hypebot.


  • The story of writing the first Yamaha DX-7 presets. You know these sounds — they were all over every pop record in the early ’80s. The video doesn’t have the sounds, but Dave Bristow tells the story.
  • In 2018, Kaitlyn Tiffany wants to find music without algorithms. I applaud, but must confess that Spotify’s Discover Weekly has totally been delivering for me, both new and old. Also my inbox is often outdone by my favourite method of musical discovery: going through “New Arrivals” on a tag in Bandcamp — maybe a 1 in 30 hit rate, which is actually pretty awesome for literally going through the slush pile. How do you think I find so many things nobody’s ever heard of to review? I go looking. So if you’re after an algorithm-free discovery experience, you should just read Rocknerd.
  • Of course, this requires me to find time for reviews any time soon — it’s still all go here, my word. The bl*ckch**n book got reviewed in the New York Review of Books, holy shit! “A sober riposte to all the upbeat forecasts about cryptocurrency.” I have a review quote with authority! So media’s been taking off too. (I did BBC Tech Tent on Friday. The segment from 9:20–16:15.) I also wrote a series for the blog called “Why you can’t cash out”, which has been as popular as you’d expect with that name.



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