Owen Kentauros brings you the 1980s on ukulele, in Japanese.

I was idly searching on “Asylums in Jerusalem” by Scritti Politti last night, and tripped over Owen Kentauros’ YouTube channel. His version, on ukulele and occasional kazoo, works alarmingly well.

Owen just gets up in front of what seems to be an old and grainy webcam in 4:3, bows to the viewer and plays. Most videos have almost no hits, but he hasn’t let that stop him for a moment.



Personal favourites: “The Model”, “Sonic Reducer”, “Party Fears Two” (reminding me how weird that song’s chords are), “Blue Monday”, “Rock the Casbah”, “She Is Beyond Good and Evil” (for sheer audacity) and “Right Here”.

Owen also has a Twitter and an Instagram.

One thought on “Owen Kentauros brings you the 1980s on ukulele, in Japanese.

  1. These are all just so accurate and, more importantly, just *lovely* – I’ve been listening to these for a while now and it’s an oddly calming aesthetic. Thanks for bringing this to the wider attention it deserves <3

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