Maximum Joy: Spotify, new album “Peace” out shortly.

Maximum Joy were an early 1980s Bristol post-punk funk band, formed from members of the Glaxo Babies and The Pop Group. Here’s a quick bio. Back in Perth in the ’80s, someone at 6NR liked their version of Timmy Thomas’ “Why Can’t We Live Together” a whole lot, and I got to love it too — I was hooked by how a new beat seemed to take the original song and launch it into space.

So I went looking on Spotify, and the complete works of Maximum Joy appear to be there, and I’m playing my way through right now.

And there’s a new album from a new version of Maximum Joy (same singer, Janine, at least) out next week. So get in there. Nice to just have a band occur to you and discover they’re alive and well and doing things.


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