Missed Connections: Happy Mondays.

So, as I mentioned in my post about Snow Patrol,  in November of 1988 I had an epic musical missed connection when I confused the Happy Flowers with the Happy Mondays, and didn’t realize what had happened until thirty-odd years later when I read Cider with Roadies by Stuart Maconie.

Recently I went back and listened to the Happy Mondays discography. I got through two songs of Bummed (1988) and thought oh yeah, that’s definitely what I wanted. I dipped into both Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches (1990) and Yes Please! (1992) as well, but they were significantly less my jam than Bummed.

It’s hard to say, in retrospect, what my music fan trajectory would have been, if I had gotten the right tape in 1988, But I suspect that I probably would not have wandered too much deeper into the Madchester sound. I was too young and in the wrong country to really get into it, and also far too devoted to Bon Jovi.

I went back and listened to the Happy Flowers’ I Crush Bozo (1988), too, just to see if it was as awful as I remembered. Verdict: Yup, still hate it.

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