Video: Fall Out Boy: Love from the Other Side (2022).

Fall Out Boy have once again regenerated. I’m not going to say they’re back, because they didn’t leave. They’ve been out on tour and everything! But this is the first new music and new iconography since Mania (2017), which is like 500 years in Internet time. Love from Other Side is the first single from So Much (For) Stardust (2022) and it sounds pretty much like FOB always does (big, bombastic, stadium-ready), which I like, but what caused me to have a Moment was this video, where Pete Wentz, infamous Peter Pan, plays, among other things, an old man reading to his granddaughter, Princess Bride-style.

The video is a mish-mash of styles and stories. There’s some emo easter eggs on the book shelf (Taking Back Sundays with Morrie, for example, and Crime and Punishment at the Disco) and also an Emo Island, and a pirate ship, and possibly some werewolves, and Joe Trohman in a raccoon fur suit.

The rest of the record is set to emerge in March 2024.

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