Delerium: Signs (2023).

DELERIUM: Signs (Metropolis) — There’s a new Delerium album, Signs, out on 10 March! Yes, they do things other than another thousand remixes of “Silence.” Industrialists Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber get into the bleepy version of world music. (Sure do miss Single Gun Theory.)

Signs is an extremely pleasant listen. The pieces are long — the shortest is seven and a half minutes. Edit: No, the timestamps on the album preview site are wrong! The tracks are all four to five minutes. That said, Delerium know what a pop hook is. “Coast To Coast”, the one track that’s up on the Bandcamp right now, is particularly catchy. The rest is pretty good too.

If you want something “in search of the exquisite” and “a masterwork of hypnotic rhythms and enveloping ambience” and “aching beauty and romanticism” with guest singers, this delivers on that.

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