Bedless Bones: Sublime Malaise; After Malaise (2019, 2020, 2023).




BEDLESS BONES: Sublime Malaise (Metropolis) — An extended reissue of the 2019 first album of bleepy female singer-songwriter Kadri Sammel. The vocals waft, but they waft on top of a beat and you can dance to it. So my lazy comparisons are Hante and Zanias.

This reissue includes a few bonus tracks from the remix album After Malaise and one entirely new remix. After Malaise is also worth a spin, and is even more of a banger rhythmically.

Sammel has a second album, Bending the Iron Bough, and a third album of new stuff is coming out later this year.

Above: “Where Is My Voice”, “Limbs Entwined”.

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