Neil Young & Crazy Horse: World Record (2022).

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE: World Record (Reprise) — Young recorded this in 2022 with Crazy Horse and Rick Rubin. It’s basically just live in the studio. The songs are good, the tunes stick in your head and it’s got sufficient quantities of feedback-drenched noise.

I particularly recommend the 15-minute “Chevrolet,” which is catchy as hell and I can imagine the Reprise A&R guy trying to work out how to ask Neil to do a four-minute version for a single and just giving up after a while. I also particularly liked “I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone).”

It’s nice to know Young is still doing this stuff and it’s still class. One for those who understand that Arc is the best Neil Young live album.

You should also listen to Young on Rubin’s podcast, talking about how the record was written and recorded.



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