Robert Görl and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft: Nur Noch Einer (2021).

Gabi Delgado from Neue Deutsche Welle stars and EBM inventors Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft died in March 2020. He and Robert Görl had been talking about doing an album. So Görl pulled out a pile of old DAF tapes for inspiration, wrote new words, and released one final DAF album, Nur Noch Einer, in 2021, in tribute to his much loved and annoying friend Gabi.

Putting off other writing I should be getting the hell on with, I finally wrote a Wikipedia article for the album. I’d previously written a burst of articles on all the DAF albums in 2014. Thankfully there were a ton of reviews to fill the new article out with — certainly more than I could find for their 2003 album, Fünfzehn neue D.A.F.-Lieder.

Nur Noch Einer is one for the existing fans, as Robert goes through forty-odd years of DAF’s brand of minimalist noise. The reviews were mixed, because Gabi’s absence is painfully apparent — but I think Görl pulls it off. It feels like all of DAF at once.

Not bad — if you’re into DAF, this finishes the story properly. I wouldn’t object at all to future recordings like this, though preferably under his own name — this really is a DAF-flavoured Görl solo album.

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