DVD region encoding is dead

Not that Hollywood is necessarily smart enough to pick up on it. NTK reports on DVDSynth, a Windows program that sits between your DVD drive and your DVD software: “You can create your own subtitles … There’s also, ahem, a filter to take out any DVD zoning information before it gets to the DVD playing software.” Having caught the attention of Slashdot, development should proceed apace. A Linux version is also in the works.

2 thoughts on “DVD region encoding is dead

  1. Ok, I’ve read the slashdot stuff, and I’m still confused. Does this mean I can play a region 1 DVD in my region 4, RPC-2 DVD drive? Or does this mean if I ‘revert’ my drive to use RPC-1 I can use this program to disable any software based region protection. If it’s the latter, that’s not quite so impressive.

  2. I’ve no idea. I run FreeBSD now :-)

    I suspect it is the latter. But that NTK made a fuss and Slashdot made a bigger one does seem to indicate there might be something to it. Although I suspect new firmware for DVD drives may be a more reliable option, sadly.

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