Bandcamp synthpop: Tentacles, Mimus, Bestman (2016).

Scooped from the new releases pile on Bandcamp, where independent music seems to happen these days. Go on, spend five quid.


tentacles arcadeTENTACLES: Arcade EP — Throwing all the electronics they can grab into the stew to do the ’90s right this time. Catchy, decent well-structured pieces that don’t overstay their welcome, good taste in instrument samples, actual rhythm and funkiness. None of this is hugely flashy, but it’s done well. It’s supposed to be about video games, but thankfully you can just think of it as the space disco it is. They’ve also put up all the stems.

mimus midnightMIMUS: Midnight EP — Synth indie pop with female vocals, some guitar and a couple of really nice songs. And a couple that are good but rather odder. This is a nice first release and I want to hear more.

bestman big skyBESTMAN: Big Sky EP — Authentically reconstructed ’80s new wave, American style. Syndrum fills and all. The songs have all the right parts but aren’t as compelling as they need to be yet. But if you told me this was on Burning The Ground I’d believe it.

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