How to discuss rock music, with German Fall fans.


German Fall fans in a round-table discussion. Be sure to watch to the end.

The above is approximately how Party Fears used to be written.




If you were wondering just how rusty your German had gotten, you’ll be pleased to learn that the subtitles are, of course, entirely fraudulent. Per the date on the screen at the start, 1971, it’s a discussion about something else entirely. OTOH, it could be the new Downfall. Here’s a blog post on the players — the star of the video is Nikel Pallat of Ton Steine Scherben — and here’s a copy of the segment without the captions. The creator, BuyKurious, has a pile of other Fall fragments up.

Rocknerd is written a bit more like this:

(HT donjuan-auxenfers for both videos)

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