A note on A. C. Temple.

Who else remembers A.C. Temple? One of the second-string Blast First bands (yes, there was such a thing) in the late 1980s. They wanted to be Sonic Youth when they grew up, and listed the guitar tunings on the record. I got Blowtorch out of the $5 bin at Rob’s Records in Perth in 1989. I wrote a review I didn’t end up running in Party Fears. “Good but not great,” more or less. Though I somehow ended up playing the record a lot and still have a soft spot for it a few decades later, so it’s possible I underestimated it.

Here’s their 1987 Peel Session, which is pretty representative, and their albums are on Spotify. There’s a nice page about them too. And their Facebook is active, and they’re talking about putting out some unreleased recordings.

Playing their entire 1989 album Sourpuss live in Glasgow, 30 March 1990.

“Half Angel” at their second-last gig, 15 October 1993. You can find the rest of the gig on misterchristroutman‘s channel.


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