Links: Burroughs on the presidency, American Pie, Blood on the Tracks.


  • William S. Burroughs’ 1975 answer to “When Did I Stop Wanting To Be President”: this is the written version, but I most earnestly advise you to play the spoken version first

  • Internet FAQ: The Annotated “American Pie”. For bludgeoning arguments into the ground. 

  • Lucian Truscott used to live in the loft of the building Bob Dylan rented practice space in. He got to hear Blood on the Tracks being written

  • The top photo is by Harriet Crowder. It only came to light this year, on the cover of the recent LP of Burroughs’ tape recorder cut-up experiments Curse Go Back, put together by Jim Pennington. Jim’s a long-time Burroughsian and this is a project worth your support.


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