Instrument links: acid house for web, make your own, use light, shut up’n keep playing yer guitar.


  • Acid Machine: a TB-303, drum machine and sequencer implemented in Web Audio. Works best in Chrome, though it was also fun in Firefox. You can download your stuff too. It’s not as authentically unstable and flaky as genuine analogue Roland kit, of course.

  • If you’re a programmer and want to build something like that yourself, here’s a pile of Web Audio sound fonts, MIT-licensed.

  • Or if you want to get out the soldering iron, here’s the Illumaphone, a light-based instrument project based around an Arduino.

  • In the meantime, Fender asks that you KEEP PLAYING THAT BLOODY GUITAR WILLYA jeez kids these days with their iPad 360 controller Nintendroid DS gadgets you mark my words


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