Attack of the 50 foot blockchain!

I have finished the raw first draft of the Bitcoin/blockchain book. Current word count 30,410 (or 35,546 if you include the footnotes).

(This was supposed to be a 15,000 word rant before lunchtime …)

Its title may end up actually being Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts and Blockchain Dreams, particularly if Arkady gets around to sketching some suitably pulp-novelish cover images. (Arkady has similar problems to me with turning tiny quick tasks into the Sistine Chapel.)

Finishing the manuscript and the first round of obsessive proofreading ate my brain today, so here’s a musical delight: a house anthem about the blockchain. Really.

I probably won’t post further excerpts from the music section, though I’ve just posted a new excerpt on the site: The conspiracist gold bug economics of Bitcoin, or why even libertarians find Bitcoin advocates a bit much at times. If you’re interested in more news ongoing, email me and I’ll put you on the news list.


A. Sadly, Amazon Kindle only takes conventional currencies.

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