Links: Bandcamp for New Zealand charts, EFF versus the music industry, the productivity of silence.


  • As well as the US, UK and Australia, your Bandcamp sales are now eligible for national charts in New Zealand.

  • The music industry is working super-hard for the right to switch off people’s internet access — that public utility that’s pretty much required to function in civil society these days — without judicial review, and the EFF is fighting back. Some countries already correctly compare it to cutting off water.

  • What’s the best music for productivity? Silence, apparently. Of course, this ignores the bit where you’re trying to get work done in an open plan office with the sales guys yodeling in the background — the actual “silence” having been outsourced to the workers themselves. Perhaps a suitable soundtrack to lift your attitude.

  • Are music blogs dead? Hopefully, like the rest of music journalism, and thank God for the Internet doing to music journalism even more of what it did to the record industry. Though I think of Rocknerd as more “undead.”

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