The Voices: Oneiric Anthem (2016).

THE VOICES: Oneiric Anthem (Masked Dead) — today’s “what the hell even is that”: a capella experimental progressive rock. (Also, why are most of the promos in my email prog.) It’s a record assembled entirely from composer Paolo Ferrante’s voice and no other instrument. He was previously in a black metal band, Secretpath — this isn’t metal, but it’s clearly informed by it. The result is abrasive as hell, but certainly interesting.

The physical version comes as two mini-CDs, “Day” and “Night.” There’s also a painted wooden box edition with chocolate chilli liqueur and spiced honey. There’s a few more tracks on the Bandcamp. (“I’m Regret” features a metal-style Cookie Monster vocal.) Above “(Lost) My Mind” (from “Day”) and “The Bare Unbearable Bearings of a Bear” (from “Night”), which are pretty representative.

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