Reviews: Carrousel, Neuroticfish, Epileptics (2016, 2017).


CARROUSEL: Nighttown [Memphis Again, Pt. 2] — straddling the line between pop and abrasive sound collage. They have a good idea what they’re doing with the hooks gleefully scattered through the mix like Easter eggs. Rewards both casual laptop speakers and close headphone listening. Fifth track “California” stands out as a conventional pop song (well, before it goes KLF ambient two minutes in), but you really should closely listen to the whole thing up to it. Same for “August 5th.” The other records on their Bandcamp are also at least this odd. Find of the day.

NEUROTICFISH: “Agony” (NOR) — latest single from A Sign Of Life. Well-executed EBM pop with layers of rhythmic riffing on the central musical idea. The several remixes are not superfluous extension or fat on the EP. This does its job well.

EPILEPTICS: The Sun Hurts My Eyes — The EP of the single “Lesbic”, reviewed previously. Glitchy obnoxious electropunk, assembled with loving care to get in your face effectively. Less abrasive on the second play. Other particular winners: “UNISEX”, “Hexenstep”, “amethystgrenade.gif.” There’s also lots more on the Bandcamp.


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