Bandcamp is melting under the strain. But keep buying stuff!

Bandcamp’s “giving our 15% to the ACLU sale” is HUGELY POPULAR, with a shitload of bands and labels opting in to give their 85% too. To the point where, the download and streaming server, is melting under the strain and giving 503 Unavailable errors from sheer overload.

Go to and watch the “selling right now” feed tick over. Oh my goodness. And the feed of participating artists on the Twitter.

Whatever you do: KEEP BUYING STUFF! You’ll get your download later! PUNCH THE NAZIS with Bandcamp, clearly the most noble record shop on the face of the earth in 2017, behind you! Why don’t you hit the entire Rocknerd record category and just get everything in sight. You know it’ll be good for you. Mate, life has surface noise.

Update: The day went well.

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