Copyright troll links: Norway, Rightscorp, Perfect 10, police investigating BPI anti-piracy chief.


There’s a lot of money in trying for a few hundred quid out of home Internet users. Well, sometimes.

  • Norwegian ISP lands win over copyright troll Excipio — if they want violators’ personal details, it’d better be a major violation and not a trivial one. The troll had to pay costs.

  • Despite past difficulties in the copyright trolling business, the RIAA is now Rightscorp’s biggest customer, because everyone wants to refight the early 2000s, particularly with a company whose business model is number of notices sent, not number of valid notices sent.

  • Perfect 10’s copyright trolling suit against Usenet provider Giganews has been rejected once more, despite the RIAA and MPAA providing briefs in support. The associations are extremely unhappy to lose the chance at a precedent that would hold providers more liable for their users’ actions.

  • The police seem to think former British Phonographic Industry anti-piracy chief David Wood may have had more than a little piratical inclination himself. You’ll be comforted to know that he used to be a policeman himself, and during his BPI tenure worked closely with the City of London Police Intellectual Property Unit. “BPI can confirm that a former employee, David Wood, was dismissed for gross misconduct in December 2015,” and you can imagine how pissed off they must have been to say that publicly.

    Of course, he’s available for consulting. He’s “enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about protecting IP” (if not other kinds of P) and “more than happy to review current practices and provide practical but effective advice.”

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