Links: Disney piracy hoax, New Order and Sunkist, wear yer earplugs, more Rocknerd in Hypebot.


  • You know how Disney was hacked and some pirates demanded a bitcoin ransom not to leak Pirates of the Caribbean 50? Yeah, turns out it was probably just a marketing stunt.

  • New Order were offered $100,000 to do a version of “Blue Monday” for a SunKist juice commercial. Barney didn’t want to do it, so Hooky waved a sign saying “$100,000” in front of him. The Tony Wilson archive at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester has the lyrics and the “$100,000” sign. The ad never ran, but here’s a copy:

  • The hearing is slowly recovering, and if records still came in the post there’d be tottering stacks of them looming overhead. In the meantime, young persons, listen to us old guys with damaged hearing and wear yer frickin’ earplugs.

  • My post on why some rock journalists shouldn’t be allowed fingers has been reprinted in Hypebot, so go click that and pass the URL to everyone you know. Hope Collette appreciates the extra penny shavings from YouTube.

  • Yesterday and today have mostly been the blockchain book. If you’re interested, I’m posting draft sections to my Facebook where people who know more than I do about everything I’m talking about are ripping them to shreds. They’re public posts with comments on, so do feel free to dive in.

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