Links: iTunes still sucks, Spotify not compressing as much, the Great Cultural Fragmentation.


I can listen to music again! So I started with the European and Japanese Duran Duran EPs called Carnival. Did you know that back in the day, Duran Duran didn’t know how twelve-inch mixes were done? All the “night versions” were rerecordings with more instrumental breaks. I’m sure I’ll be able to listen to something more substantial later. In the meantime, more of this:

  • iTunes still sucks. “Aside: you know what’s great? Just saying “Alexa, play some jazz” and it working immediately. No clicks, no dicking around.”

  • Spotify is now compressed only to FM radio levels, not AM radio levels. This is after whatever LOUDNESS WARS mastering has been inflicted on the original.

  • Who is the number one pop star in the world? Nobody knows. Bet that sucks for marketing. And thank goodness once more for the Great Cultural Fragmentation.

What I actually did today was more blockchain book work. It’s being vastly improved and I’m delighted.

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