Links: Jennifer Lynch photo archive, DMCA spambots, everyone hates blockchains, buzz buzz buzz.


  • The preservation of culture calls! Jennifer Finch of L7 always took a camera with her, as a young punk and on tour. And she’s got a metric shitload of material that needs scanning and preserving. Her Kickstarter has just reached its goal, but more money will help and there are rewards to score!

  • DMCA spambots keep targeting dead sites. Really, the DMCA regime is denial-of-service spam at this point, and we need penalties for blatantly bogus bulk DMCA notices. These are supposed to be serious legal claims under penalty of perjury.

  • Blockchains for music are failing even to lure in the copyright maximalists.

    (The draft music chapter is up on my Facebook: first half, tweaked section, second half. Do feel free to stop by and nitpick. The book text has been considerably revised from even the Facebook text, which is fantastic and I am hugely grateful to the querulous nerds I call friends. Looks like I’m the sort of writer who has to revise things fifty-three times in front of a live studio audience …)

  • The tinnitus is playing up again, this time intrusive enough I can’t concentrate when it’s quiet. I’m getting to understand how tinnitus can drive people to despair, ‘cos this is doing my head in. So reviews may be spotty for a while, and I’m off to the doctor tomorrow for a referral to do … something.


“Note the Polaroids at my feet.”

One thought on “Links: Jennifer Lynch photo archive, DMCA spambots, everyone hates blockchains, buzz buzz buzz.

  1. My DMCA idea: every notice has to be accompanied by a nominal filing fee, call it $5-$10 or so. It’s returned if the notice ends up being acted on. Otherwise the recipient keeps the fee; .

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