Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain paperback is out!


Paperback is out today! US link, UK link. I got the proof on Thursday morning and it’s gorgeous. It had a glaring typo on the spine — how on earth did we both fail over two weeks to notice “ETHERUIM”, particularly given the literal day we wasted wrestling with Kindle Print’s shitty, shitty interface … never use Kindle Print, always use CreateSpace and hook it to the Kindle version later — but it is my beautiful and wonderful child, even if it can’t spell. Got the fix in in time, thankfully.

Bookstores can order it, probably via Ingram in the US; ISBN is 1974000060.

The ebook is still available from a zillion stores in the book page sidebar, though I’d like you to pick Smashwords ‘cos I get paid most.

And if you pirate it, just make sure you blog about it and send me a link.

Above: me hungover to shit after an evening down the pub with a visiting Jus Godden, whose coupla years DJing at Blue Velvet as Sister Thing was responsible for getting me into EBM.

[Mr. Bitcoin]

And remember:
No matter how bad life is,
no matter how down you’re feeling,

you will never run around the stands of a football stadium,
wearing a bitcoin costume.

… Probably.


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