Reviews: Gaddafi Gals, It’s The Lipstick On Your Teeth, Ankathie Koi (2017).


In which I trip over Seayou from Vienna, a good label I hadn’t heard of before. There’s a pile of stuff on the Seayou Bandcamp page that I’m looking forward to finally being released so I can write it up.

GADDAFI GALS: The Death of Papi (Seayou) — rap with sweet singing over well-produced triphop, and not so interested in sounding friendly. Good on first play and improves on repeat. “We Need A Resolution” really caught my ear. The video track is “Fila” (above). There’s also an outtake, “Intro”, on their SoundCloud (which also has a couple of really nice mixtapes).

IT’S THE LIPSTICK ON YOUR TEETH: Skintrade (Seayou) — well-constructed and structured horrible abrasive noise, in the style of misanthropic guitar electropunk. Michelle’s voice doesn’t sound like Shirley Manson’s in Garbage, but that’s the lazy comparison. The singles “Skintrade,” “Jaded” (above) and “Pleasantry Pills” (warning: lots of flashing) are pretty representative. This is a good album you should take the time to check out, even if the first song is literally called “Badass666Evil.”

ANKATHIE KOI: I Hate The Way You Chew (Seayou) — straight-up bright and accessible ’80s-style disco synthpop. (There will be no escape from the ’80s.) She’s an excellent singer and songwriter, applying humour without falling into pure novelty. And every side is an A-side! Above: “Little Hell,” “Black Mamba,” “Foreign Heart (Caribbean Theme).” She’s half of Fijuka, whose records are also on the Seayou Bandcamp.


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