Links: Origin of scenes, problems with muzak, pirate’s Raspberry Pi, John Cale, Unknown Pleasures.


  • A new anti-piracy video depicts that MOST FEARSOME PIRATICAL DEVICE, a … Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer for kids and small applications.
  • Poor neglected Rocknerd! It’s been flat-out here in Rocknerd Towers, with Arkady Rose (courtesy a name change earlier today — in 2017, you can change your name online) being in and out of hospital for the past few days — just tests, everything turns out to be fine, but understandably taking a bit of attention.
  • The book that mine is the direct descendant of, Neoreaction a Basilisk by Elizabeth Sandifer, is finally released after two years’ effort (UK, US) and it’s fantastic and everyone should read it. Check the “Look Inside,” my name is in the first sentence.

4 thoughts on “Links: Origin of scenes, problems with muzak, pirate’s Raspberry Pi, John Cale, Unknown Pleasures.

  1. I don’t entirely understand in what sense _Neoreaction a Basilisk_ has not been out for years: as noted, it was released in some sense so long ago that you’ve been able to base another book on it! I read it long enough ago that I no longer have a record of when (over a year ago, certainly). And it is indeed fantastic, and fantastically dense.

    Is this the difference between “released to Kickstarter backers” and “distributed by Amazon” or something? (And if so, I wonder if the version I’ve already got is different and I should, ah, upgrade?)

  2. Oh duh Phil sent an email out to Kickstarter backers explaining exactly that two days ago and it got misfiled by my increasingly creaking email system.

    (Yes, new version. :) )

  3. yep! The new version includes extra polishing and all the footnotes on the first essay, and the other six essays (which I believe have been sent to Kickstarter backers).

    Over 1000 sales, which equals success.

    Phil’s entire marketing for this is word of mouth, so TELL EVERYONE!

  4. The waveform from Unknown Pleasures is 50 years old, 10 years of which it’s been the calling card of the Hipster ;)

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