Get the 500 Songs bonus podcasts, they’re great.


Everyone here is listening weekly to Andrew Hickey’s podcast A History Of Rock Music in 500 Songs, right?

If you’re sensible and sign up to sponsor him via his Patreon — I’m signed up for $5 a month, it’s really cheap — you also get access to the Patreon-only bonus podcasts.

Andrew previously did bonus episodes for “Merry Christmas Baby” by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers and “Cry” by Johnny Ray — but now, as well as the regular 30–40 minute episodes, he’s doing 10–minute bonus episodes every week.

As well as a short piece on “Space Guitar” by Johnny “Guitar” Watson, we get the stuff Andrew can’t put in the general section on iTunes — such as  “The Rotten Cocksucker’s Ball” by the Clovers. One of those much-bootlegged studio rarities you’d almost never hear … until the modern day, when this sort of thing is up in multiple copies on YouTube. Historically important and educational smut. “Fuck, suck and fight/ Till the beginning of broad daylight …”

(No, it wasn’t a Frank Zappa original. Dangerous Minds also did a good piece on it.)

And don’t miss Andrew’s appearance on Jaffa Cake Jukebox, as they go through the Top Twenty for 18 January 1957. (No historical smut in this one.)



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