Martin Rev on “Suicide” by Suicide.


Paul Gallagher at Dangerous Minds has put up a fantastic interview with Martin Rev, going through the recording process for the first Suicide album. He talks about how he started in music, hooking up with Alan Vega and starting Suicide in 1971, and how they recorded Suicide in 1977.



Thankfully when I listen to it, which is certainly sporadically, I don’t need to hear what I’ve done regularly and that’s the same for my solo records, but when I hear it, it holds up. It’s definitely not like: “Oh, shit that’s terrible, that’s terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. Change this, this, this this! How could I have done that?” No. That’s a fortunate thing for me. When you create something and it still works even though you can hear certain things you might do a little differently now, if you were to go in and re-edit it or this and that. Very few on the Suicide record. So, it’s okay. After that it’s in the world. It’s something I passed through — I did it.

Suicide has just been freshly reissued by Mute through BMG.

Also, check this great 2008 interview with Alan Vega in Bomb.


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