Records: Throat (2018, 2020); Microlaxx (2021).

THROAT: Bareback; Bareback (Stripped & Remasked), Decade of Passive Aggression 2009-2019 — I think this was a review item — I have this as a pile of MP3s that someone clearly sent to me — but I can’t find the press release, so I’m flying blind here. Bareback is pretty good, though. Pre-grunge post-hardcore late ’80s style, and the sound simulates Albini’s way of recording a drum at the time. Less Nirvana and more Fugazi, and no fashionability whatsoever — they describe themselves as “the kind of rock that was 20 years past its expiration date.” I would skip the first track, “Safe Unsound”, and start at “No Hard Shoulder.” This is well-played and the sound is fantastic.

Bareback (Stripped & Remasked) is a remix album a couple of years later — atmospheric soundscapes, with none of the songs left. Some easy listening for the hard of hearing after the proper album.

Decade of Passive Aggression 2009-2019 is a collection of EPs. This keeps reminding me of Laughing Hyenas, another favourite from back in the day. Throat are in the right genre and I’m glad to hear this sort of thing again.


MICROLAXX: Världens Bästa Magmedicin (Grönpeppar ) — Remembering all those hardcore punk seven-inchers from the 1980s with multiple one-minute songs of screaming over very fast guitar and drum noise, tunes optional; the style that the bands Throat wants to sound like were the actually-musical successors of. I’ll probably never play this again, but it did give me a 7″ EP’s worth of nostalgia for a subgenre I really don’t miss much. The conventional punk rock song is “Brev från hemmet”, which is also the only one over two minutes.

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