Various Artists: From the River to the Sea (2021).

VARIOUS ARTISTS: From the River to the Sea: The Horrible Truth About Palestine — A Fundraiser for the United Palestinian Appeal (Audio Antihero) — Jamie Halliday had stopped doing Audio Antihero, but has revived the label for this compilation. It’s a charity effort, in support of the United Palestinian Appeal. And it’s a pretty darned nice compilation, with hip-hop and poetry as well as indie pop and rock. Shockingly listenable. “The artists that appear here span and merge genres like Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Contemporary Classical, Alternative Pop, Freak Folk, Electronica, Ambient, Drone, Folk Punk, Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Psychedelica and beyond. These contributors include longtime Audio Antihero roster members, debuting and established artists, award winning composers, published authors and in CHUCK‚Äôs case, an artist coming out of several year hiatus to show their support for the cause.” Anyway, play the good record and bung ’em a few bucks.

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