An image carefully constructed to make musicians cry.

Musicians who have a casual attitude to the continued use of their eyes may want to look over this advertising image and see if they can spot a single thing right about it:


  • holding it like that
  • lipstick with a reed instrument
  • mouth is slack, can’t play a reed instrument with embouchure like that
  • is that two left hands?
  • is the right left arm twice as long as the left left arm?
  • just to mess with you, the one correct aspect of the photo is that the oboe and its reed have been assembled correctly

The photo is of Taiwanese jeweller and musician Bella Chen, who wanted to advertise her new ring collection a couple of years ago. Chen can apparently play an oboe perfectly well, but this was a pose to advertise the rings.

That is her right hand, and the perspective makes more sense — the hands, at least — when it’s not a photograph of a photograph at that angle.

Chen paid for the image to go up as an advertisement at Tianmu Baseball Stadium for three days. Here’s the original:



When Classic FM went “what on earth,” Chen put the Classic FM article on the home page for her shop, Bella Couture. There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

One thought on “An image carefully constructed to make musicians cry.

  1. “Chen can apparently play an oboe perfectly well”

    That does not sound plausible. I mean, no offence to her, but if so she’d be the one person on the planet who could. It’s not called “the ill wind nobody blows good” for no reason.

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