Come see a new Rocknerd theme! is a temporary copy of Rocknerd as of about 9pm yesterday, currently featuring the Matata theme, as suggested by Lev. I’ve recategorised, tagged and excerpted the front page of posts and it took me all evening, so don’t expect anything before then to be done. Yet to resize the video windows …

So far I think it’s an improvement over the present theme. Not perfect, so I’ll probably tweak it more than a little before go-live. Also I need to redraw the logo from scratch. (I CANNOT WORK OUT WHAT FONT CLEM USED, EVEN WITH SEVERAL FONT-IDENTIFIER SITES TO HAND. If you can spot it …) If you know of a better magazine-style WordPress theme that’s free, please comment. Also, please comment if anything’s actually nonfunctional for you.

edit: it’s bloody Arial Bold, isn’t it. A font that font identifier sites are too embarrassed to admit exists. See redrawn logo above.

edit 2: new theme now in place! Welcome to 2010! is now switched off until I need to test something again.

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