Links: Psychoacoustics for recording, blockchain band names, Dépèche Mode demos.


  • Hacking The Hearing System: 9 Psychoacoustic & Sound Design Tricks To Improve Your Music. Advanced studio and mixing trickery!

  • OK, OK, how about, right, a common form of meaningless scam site that has no legal effect … but on the blockchain!! Pay to register your band name on their buzzword-compatible website, and have your name fully protected in no manner anything like an actual trademark, whether usage or registered.

    (I’ve had to deal with that last issue: there may be a Perth reader who wonders why, in the late ’80s, Peter Johnson’s band Hooker suddenly had to change all their advertising to say “PJ And The Hooker Band”. This was because a disgruntled ex-member had registered the name as a trademark and sent them a cease and desist. They came to WAM (then WARMIA), where I was on the board and editing the Music News newsletter — the start of my long career in sub-competent nonprofits — and asked what they could do about this. We had to break the news to them that it was now a legal battle of who could fund the best lawyer longest, and I wrote an article for Music News on how and why to register your name, carefully not naming any of those involved.)

  • Let’s get back to something bouncy and cheerful. Dépèche Mode’s early demos, before they signed to Mute. Recorded when they were known as “Composition Of Sound”. And “Dépèche Mode” so too has the accents in.

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