I urge you to back “Monkee Music”, 2nd Edition, by Andrew Hickey. Hurry, hurry!

Andrew Hickey is not merely a co-conspirator but an excellent and perspicacious rock critic, specialising in the Beach Boys, the Monkees and the broader swathes of classic rock of the era.

He has a Kickstarter up for the second edition of his book on the Monkees. I strongly urge you to throw a few quid his way, because it is certain this will be good. The Kickstarter is quite short at the moment, but this one not coming to fruition would be a loss to the world. Also, tell all your friends.

If you want to know what Andrew does, his blog will give you a good sample. I particularly recommend the complete career reviews of the Beach Boys’ records.

If you like the idea of the book, he also has a Patreon to encourage more of this sort of thing,

Update: well, bugger: £725/£1000. Oh well. Go hit the Patreon.

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