Links: What.CD successors, the 1939 Voder, anaemic chart sales, the bagpipe AI.


  • What.CD has successors! TorrentFreak and Digital Music News list a few. Having seen the “Library of Alexandria” go up in smoke with not a trace left, they have of course learnt from the mistakes of the What.CD spurious hipster exclusivity strategy. No wait, of course they haven’t, they’re using literally the same software (Gazelle) that What.CD used. I predict the same story and the same hipster snob tears a few years from now. I would hope that anything you some awful pirate gets off there, you they whack a copy of up on TPB where culture might actually be somewhat preserved. What am I saying, of course they won’t.

  • The story of the first machine to synthesize the human voice: from 1939, the Voder.
  • You can top the US Top 100 Albums with 29,893 copies. And you can make number 200 in the Top 200 with 737 records, though I’m assuming for that last there’s a lot of sales being missed.

  • Roko’s Basilisk, right, but on the bagpipes.

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