Links: Blockchain BitTorrent, Kim Dotcom movie, my Blockchain book interview.


  • BitTorrent, right, but with blockchains in. BitTorrent’s inventor Bram Cohen thinks doing his own version of Bitcoin will make him rich too the world better in some way. The technical difference is that he’s going for proof-of-storage rather than proof-of-work, because proof-of-work is why Bitcoin uses as much electricity as all of Ireland, literally wasted as a show of commitment.

  • I’m sure this new cryptocurrency won’t be used as a way to pay for piracy or anything. There’s a movie out about Kim Dotcom, famed other people’s content entrepreneur. An “undeniably colorful figure” who is only slightly a serial con man and convicted felon.

  • Bruce Haring at BlockTribune interviewed me (archive) about Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain, including a long bit about blockchains and music. You can tell it’s an old picture of me ‘cos I’ve got hair. Must get promo photo shoot done. I just found out the original poster for Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is public domain! I should adapt that …

One thought on “Links: Blockchain BitTorrent, Kim Dotcom movie, my Blockchain book interview.

  1. Reading the IFLA’s ‘Trend Report 2016 Update’ for an essay on technology trends in libraries etc. for my degree, and it mentions how IBM was looking at Blockchains as a way of making the IoT more secure (And indeed recently released “Blockchain as a Service”, which you are probably already aware of)

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