Links: Soviet techno, music as a weapon, archive your damn tapes, oh Earache no.


  • Гимн СССР, techno remix. (And the light jazz-funk version.)

  • From Nickelback to Sesame Street: how music is used to battle crime and fight wars. Why do they never pull out Metal Machine Music or Whitehouse.

  • Archive your damn tapes.

  • This is below the standard to go in a review post. “Mexico” by Danny Worsnop is actually on the Earache label. Remember Earache, the grindcore label of choice in the ’80s and ’90s? … yeah. Lite bro-country blues rock with a video that features using your bikini model girlfriend’s arse to hold your beer is the quintessence of punk rock in the year of our lord 1995. I lasted forty-five seconds, see how you do. HT Dave Lang.

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