Review: Queen Of The Damned

As part of a culture, any culture you care to name on the planet, the concept of ‘respect’ is seen to have inherent value. In fact, people throughout history have been acculturated to believe that people must seek the approval and approbation of others. Earning other people’s respect is seen to be inherently worthwhile and worthy of pursuing.

Allow me to destroy what little goodwill and respect I have garnered with the good people of this site, both wonderful posters and vile, mailbomb sending lurkers, with the following review.

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Review: The Item

The Item (1999; dir. Dan Clark), from Trillion Entertainment, may possibly be the most fucked-up film of all time. I heartily recommend it.

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Review: John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars

I’d give a spoiler warning, but that would require a plot to spoil.

I had in reality already seen this movie. I seem to recall my ex hiring out
“John Carpenter’s Vampires” a couple of years ago. This film was almost
identical and still just as bad the second time around. However, not only did
Mr Carpenter take on directing and executive producing roles, he also composed
the music (which I will not even begin to attempt to describe).

As I attended a preview of this godawful shite someone had the gall to call a
film, it is my civic duty to make sure that no-one else suffers the same agony.
This is a community service announcement.

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The Blair Witch Project.

Finally saw the damned thing at Moonlight Cinema Saturday night. This was outdoors at the Botanical Gardens. The atmosphere was not helped by the

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