rocknerd cuneiform

More digital archaeology: recovered articles from Rocknerd v1.

Well, this is a useful thing. Somewhat useful, anyway — the actual database is long lost, so porting the articles to WordPress involves cut’n’paste and fix the dates by hand. Yes, including the comments. So don’t expect anything like the lot. Any particular favourites you think should be ported, let me know.

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ye olde rocknerd

Come see a new Rocknerd theme! is a temporary copy of Rocknerd as of about 9pm yesterday, currently featuring the Matata theme, as suggested by Lev. I’ve recategorised, tagged and excerpted the front page of posts and it took me all evening, so don’t expect anything before then to be done.

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Heaven 17 and Paul Morley: how to age.

Paul Morley interviews Glenn Gregory and Martyn Ware of Heaven 17 in 2010 on the joys of having been a pop band for over thirty years, and how to appreciate pop now we’re all old. It’s thirteen minutes that’s well worth watching.

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