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Spray: Enforced Fun (2016).

Spray are a couple of old goths doing semi-novelty synthpop straight out of The Manual. They do a brilliant job of it and you should listen to everything they have ever recorded.

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65daysofstatic: No Man’s Sky (2016).

Averaging one studio album every three years, the classic math rockers, 65daysofstatic are right on time with their latest release, the official soundtrack to the video game No Man’s Sky.

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Suggest a new theme for Rocknerd!

Rocknerd uses Kubrick, the most tediously basic WordPress theme that was all the rage in 2008. It’s possible we could do with an update.

So! I would welcome your valued suggestions on how to make the site look more like an interesting and perspicacious music magazine. Free themes by preference, we’re not big on budget resources around here …

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Hey, sign up for the emails!

See that box at the right of the page saying “Subscribe to Rocknerd via email”? It does what it says. Sign up and you’ll never miss a post. Good, huh.

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An ’80s Australian indie rock band you should have heard of: the Arctic Circles.

Australian ‘80s indie rock band the Arctic Circles never made a huge impact and remain mired in obscurity, but their two records (the single “Angel” in 1985, the mini-LP Time in 1987 featuring “Wasp”) were well-received, did okay on an indie level and you couldn’t get away from them on public radio. The style is the ‘60s garage punk stuff popular in Australia at the time. Still sounds pretty fresh in 2016.

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