Alixandrea Corvyn makes her deserved bid for fame.

This is Alixandrea Corvyn, of Last July and Rhombus and various previous bands. It’s a cover of “White Rabbit”, but with this grasp of imagery she’s on the right track. This video is just made to be cut up into stills and GIFs and reassembled into viral Tumblr posts.

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Phoenix hairpins.

For those who enjoyed The Thing On The Doorstep, I give to you: Phoenix Hairpins, Capa Nostra Syndicate, Ghosts In The House, Habit Of

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Review: Queen Of The Damned

As part of a culture, any culture you care to name on the planet, the concept of ‘respect’ is seen to have inherent value. In fact, people throughout history have been acculturated to believe that people must seek the approval and approbation of others. Earning other people’s respect is seen to be inherently worthwhile and worthy of pursuing.

Allow me to destroy what little goodwill and respect I have garnered with the good people of this site, both wonderful posters and vile, mailbomb sending lurkers, with the following review.

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